I Like a Nice Cup of Tea

I Like a Nice Cup of Tea

Hi Christine yes I know it . Nice little picture and its nice to see someone doing a collage .Im all for different technique and experimenting . After all if nobody did anything different there would be no impressionism no abstract , and that would be a shame . Very nice picture .

Love that green Christine and the touch of gold.

Thank you Dennis and Louise, I've just 'googled' the song and it dates back to 1929, I'm not that old but I do remember my mother singing it! Dennis, I seem to latch on to one particular medium for a few weeks and then move on, I must admit it is quite a while since I did any conventional painting but my lovely Schmincke watercolours are beckoning so who knows!

Super - just love it. Quirky and very clever.

This looks really good Christine and a great way of recycling!

In the morning I like a nice cup of tea tra la tra la... How did you get that gold effect. Looks brilliant.

Thank you Thea, Frank and Sylvia. Sylvia the gold is foil from a chocolate bar! " I like a nice cup of tea in the morning just to start the day you see, and at half past eleven why my idea of heaven is a nice cup of tea. I like a nice cup of tea with my dinner and a nice cup of tea with my tea, and when it's time for bed there's a lot to be said for a nice cup of tea". Best sung with a strong Lancashire accent!

I like your nice cup of tea too! Very creative Christine.

Gorgeous, gorgeous work, Christine! Really conjures up a civilized afternoon of scones and a good strong cuppa!

Not surprised it's a catchy tune! right up my alley, a nice cup o tea Christine. Love the collage.

Being a Londoner, although I dont have a cockney accent myself It also sounds good sung with that very accent - Chas and Dave? Great collage well 'constructed'.

Thank you Julie, Seok, Carole and Michael. I'm still singing that song!

Fortunately I don't know that song, otherwise I would be singing it now until tomorrow morning! As for this gorgeous cup of tea, I absolutely love it Christine! Somehow it gives me a very happy and contented feeling by its simplicity, shape and gentle colours. Well done!

Lovely artwork Christine and I am going to make one now.

Thank you Satu, Glennis and Gudrun.

This image struck me as soon as I saw it -very effective use of collage

Brilliant Christine what a splendid collage!

Thank you David and Ros, your comments are much appreciated.

I love collages, and this one is lovely. (Also tea is lovely!)

Hope it's Earl Grey in that cup Christine:) Stunning work.

Thank you so much Shirley and Val, I am delighted with all the positive comments I've had for this piece.

Hang on Studio Wall

For those of you who remember it, this song has been going around in my head for a day or two whilst I've been working on this collage.

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