The Blue Jug

The Blue Jug

How beautiful and delicate Christine! Your collages are so fresh and appealing! I bought a couple of greeting cards yesterday and was thinking how well your works would do there.

Your best yet Christine, it's those colours and the composition!

Thank you Satu and Louise it is encouraging to get such positive comments!

Another gorgeous piece, Christine! I am so inspired seeing your works, and feeling very very small about my initial efforts at the moment! Just love your collages!

Another good one I like the colors

Posted by K 0 on Fri 07 Feb 17:13:15

Jaunty fresh painting, Christine - lovely

Thank you Seok, Kevin an Pat. I am finding the art of collage fascinating!

Very eyecatching Christine. Such a bright and uplifting painting, just what everybody needs right now.

I almost missed this Christine - not had much chance to look at the POL website. This is lovely - the colours work so well together.

Hi Christine i like this its very it reminds me of an artist who's name escapes me right now . She had a sensitive touch and i think you do . When i get home i will put her name up you may not be familiar with her work but i feel you would like it . Well done Christine .

Thank you for your lovely comment Dennis, I'd be interested to know the name of the artist you refer to, I am always looking for inspiration!

hi Christine the artist is Joanna Carrington . I have a lovely book of her work , I wish I could hand it to you I will put the book cover on my gallery Christine have a look .

Hang on Studio Wall

Collage of hand painted and found papers in my collaging sketch book. 13 cm x 13 cm.

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