Smithywood Coking Plant, Chapeltown, Yorkshire


I know the area well Brian , and this is a brilliant rendition of the sight and the era. A superb painting, I love these old scenes despite all the dirt and dust there was something quite spectacular about them .

A very atmospheric piece, capturing the moment beautifully.

A superb painting -love that steam locomotive!

Brilliant painting and love your little narrative that goes with this from your childhood.

You have captured the feel of a fading industrial past really well. Very well painted.

Thank you for your comments Paul, Seok, David S, Chris & David W. This was a trip down memory lane for me, takes me back to the late fifties when I was a raggy arsed urchin. The spent coal was transferred by an aerial bucket system which (heaven forbid) we had great fun riding getting into a few scrapes.

Lovely picture, Brian.

Thank you Shirley.

Really good Brian, so many tricky angles and shapes

Thank you Heather, yes I don't know quite whether I'm coming or going but I put that down to maturing disgracefully.

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From the days when we relied on Town Gas produced from coal to light our streets & houses. This is the plant where my father worked, that lit the gas lamp under which I stood in the snow singing Christmas carols.

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