Revenge of the leaves...

Revenge of the leaves...

Nice autumnal painting, Jim.

Depicts exactly how I feel about the battle of the leaves.

A windy scene Jim exactly as it is! There seem to be more leaves than ever this year for some reason. As soon as I rake them up they're back. it's a losing battle but I'm rather enjoying it .. lol

Lol....oh dear Jim, just think, you can do it all again tomorrow. Great painting.

Keeps you fit as well Jim!

Thanks for the comments fellow leaf-sweepers. It really is a never-ending story right now because of the wind and I'm sure the tree fairies stick the pesky things back on the trees overnight. I'm actualy hoping for rain tonight...(-:

a variation on "Out of the strong came forth sweetness" ? Think of all that lovely leaf mold as well - and you got a painting too. Like it

Love this lively painting Jim and your title and description.

Like the impressionistic scene.

This is lovely Jim and like the idea of the tree-fairies sticking the leaves back on!

Again thanks for more comments, and Margaret, ref the fairies, I don't laugh at the little people quite as much as some (My father ( R.I.P) and all my ancestors on his side are from the Emerald Isle, and well, you just never know do you? (-:

Me too Jim, so many! Nice painting.

Thanks Carole. Rain stopped play today..(-:

Lovely gentle painting Jim 👍🏻

Cheers Rachel.(-:

Hang on Studio Wall

This morning I went out and fought a losing battle with a milllion leaves, then came in and this transpired. Watercolour and a little mixed media. 12 x 9 on cartridge paper.

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