Pushing the boat out ...

Pushing the boat out ...

Can I come with you??? Love it Jim!

Ha, good morning Thalia. Anchors aweigh and Westward Ho...(-: ,

Nothing, just nothing I like better than messing about in boats... Ratty from Wind in the Willows.well as I remember it. Lovely boat Jim.

Thanks Sylvia. Fascinating creations from coracles to Cutty Sarks....(-:

Great sketch Jim.

Morning Lew. I'm blaming Sylvia's Wind in the Willows, Swallows and Amazons and the Famous Five for my lifetime facination with boats and ships. (-:

A lovely boat sketch though Jim. Lovely colours makes up for a miserable day 😀

It's brilliantly painted Jim. Colours and tones amazing.

Very enticing! Nothing is more fun than splashing about in row boats Jim.

Many thanks all. This was just a simple sketch on a whim (I never need much persuasion to paint/draw boats, mind) . So glad it went down well. (-:

Good boat there Jim, they are not easy to get right, well not for me!

You are so good at boats and ships Jim and this is another lovely one.

Oh gosh...nostalgia's cutting in over here!!! Hope you lot are ok over there, you'd better come here...weather's improving...I'll send you some sun! I'll post my plein air from my balcony tomorrow!

Hang on Studio Wall

..I woke up early this morning and finished this from yesterday. Just another boat sketch....

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