Health and Safety Mrs?

Health and Safety Mrs?

A few memories in there, Jim. Chimney Sweep, Rag and Bone Man...these turned up often when I was a nipper. A lot of traders were still using horses...including our baker. Great collection.

Indeed Jim!! Great collection of images and they evoke so many memories

Well done for putting them all together, they look marvellous! Seeing the chimney sweep reminds me of our old chimney sweep, his name was Mr Potts, yes really!!

Super, Jim. Rag and bone man. When I was a kid they used to give you a day old chick for your old clothes. Happy days.

Great selection, though we clearly had it cushy where I lived - the man who lit the gas street light had a long pole and no ladder. Then again both the coal waggon and the ice cream van were pulled by a horse.

Excellently Jim - back to my childhood !

Hang on Studio Wall

..things that are no longer considered acceptable that were the norm back in my day

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