"I'm Liza. The one at the back looking a bit stupid is Henry....

"I'm Liza. The one at the back looking a bit stupid is Henry....

Lovely painting Jim, 😀

Lisa is very pretty Jim ( perhaps bossy too) ;)

Nice one Jim.

What lovely little donkeys Jim, they are beautifully drawn.

Great idea and works too!

Love it, Jim. The title made me laugh 😆 and it’s backed up by Henry’s expression.

Lovely donkey !!

Is it Mi burrito sabanero? That what pops into my head. It takes me time to get the hoofed lot right. Your donkeys are very proportionate.

Posted on Tue 27 Mar 16:16:05

Like the title and the painting

Thanks all for the comments. Way, way back in time the was a comedy record released by (and I'll stand correcting if wrong) Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne. It was all about Liza and Henry and a bucket with a hole in it. That's where my title came from.

Ha ha very good Jim. I love a bit of nonsense.

Love this :)

Wonderful Jim, love what you have done with this song.

Ha ha love it Jim. I also remember the song and the tune!!

Hang on Studio Wall

.He's complaining because his bucket's got a hole in it. Well, mend it dear Henry,I said.." A bit of on the spot nonsense from a song in my head..(-:

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