An early snow

An early snow

what's that saying ? "be careful what you wish for"

Lovely Jim has a wonderland feel to it

We don't see much of it Jim, and it's my favourite time for inspiration so bring it on; a good range of colours here, as we know, snow is anything but white!.

Cleverly handled Jim but hope we don't see the snow for a while.

Thanks Mike, Dennis, Alan and Carole for the comments. I've changed the pic as I took the other at night by flash and it came out too dark.

It looks more like acrylic Jim, or did you just use that for the snow? It looks cold anyway and I don't want any of the white stiff yet!

Yes, Margartet. I almost always use acrylic white where I can't use the white of the paper. Thje rest is watercolour.

Has that slightly abstract feel

Hang on Studio Wall

...a watercolour impression version if a little early..(-:

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