well caught Jim , that's a good one all round . Like it

Love this Jim its soft and subtle very nice

By concentrating on the head and face and letting the rest just suggest itself with a few bold strokes, you've really caught this critter. (Bet you couldn't catch him in reality though - slippery little perishers!)

I love Cyril, Jim. What a lovely painting, you've captured that cheeky look.

Cyril is lovely Jim. I really like the flow of the painting

He's lovely Jim! You have captured that eager look in his eyes when he's running around after more nuts and seeds. I was just talking to our "Cyril" this morning and asked him to dig out the weeds and not my pansies.

Beautiful little creature, wonderful fluffy tail.

Cyril the squirrel, great painting Jim.

Jim this has amazing movement. Brilliantly painted !!

Love Cyril the Squirrel, a lovely painting.

Fabulous Jim! We have four of the little things coming every day to eat the seeds I put out for the birds!

Beautifully painted Jim, you have caught that look perfectly

Hang on Studio Wall

..our inquisitive local grey squirrel. Just reappeared after an absence? Dashes around garden to garden regardless of cats, dogs or traffic. Can run straight up a house wall. (-:

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