My first ever oil painting...

My first ever oil painting...

Looks like you had great fun doing this Jim, love your colour and movement, a good start with the oils and hope to see more 😀

certainly carries an atmosphere with it - bit like our current weather of wind and rain.Reminds me of a Spring day with that sharp wind going through you. Certainly recognisable as a "Jim Morris" despite the change in medium. Like it

Love the ‘twig’ strokes Jim.. I like it.. think it suits you.

Love it, Jim. It definitely suits your style.

You have had great fun with this’s great as a first effort...well since you were Ten. Onwards and upwards. Robert is our oil painter person. He wrote a book.

Great to see you branching out Jim, as Gudrun said it suits your style, keep up the good work.

I like the feeling of movement Jim, you’ve done a good job for a first.

Different, yet still Jim Morris. It has an abstract quality that appeals. I seldom use oils, but you've shown your usual attack and gusto. Seems the medium suits you...hope to see more.

Thanks all for the encouraging comments. One thing I did wrong; because I tend to use a lot of white paint, I used acrylic (which I buy in big tubes) instead of just oil in this painting. No harm done in the short term; long term, who knows. It will probably yellow?

You've had great fun, by the looks of it, as well as success!

Ah ha! just read your comment, Jim, Acrylic under oil is fine, other way round it will drying time slow with oils...not that I'm that knowledgeable!

Knew this was yours Jim, you still achieved the movement. Really good oil painting, love your red ;)

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..well, since I was ten when I painted a ship that looked like a tractor with sails. I bought a box of oil colours a couple of weeks ago and have just nerved myself enough to use them. Did this with a twig and a paint scraper (not bought a palette knife yet). It's a subject I did last year in watercolour. I'm tentatively quite pleased with it for a first go. Done on acrylic paper 10 x 8 inches.

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