You have quite a feeling of movement going on here. I don't know if canvas board is intrinsically more difficult to paint on than paper, but it must depend on what you're used to - and some canvas boards are a lot better than others; different surfaces, different absorbency and priming for instance. You've got to experiment a bit until you find the one that suits you: and to be honest, this has been a long search for me - ever tried primed hardboard/masonite? I like your painting, anyway, so you're obviously doing something right!

Thanks for your help Robert, and I'm so pleased you like the painting! You would laugh if you knew the pain I went through with this one. The canvas board was a cheap one with a picture of a shoe on it. I used many coats of gesso to try & hide the dark shoe, but it still showed through until I did a painting, which I didn't like so out came the gesso yet again! I haven't tried hardboard yet! This gesso is my best friend!

Ah, gesso! A very present help in time of trouble....

By the way, James - don't worry about it. Just say that employing gesso is fundamental to your artistic vision, and any art critic will swallow it whole: you know the sort of thing - " to achieve the extra element of solidity and truth in his work, James employs a layering technique incorporating acrylic gesso with finely judged layers of colour and tone....": they won't know what the blue buggery you're talking about, but will embrace it keenly to their wretched bosoms as though they did. You'll have Jonathan Jones and Adrian Searle of the Guardian, and Rachel Campbell-Johnson of the Times cooing over you in no time: and although none of them would recognize a good painting if you smashed it over their empty heads, they'll be so anxious not to be left waiting for the gravy-train that they'll lap it up if only you flog it in terms they understand...... Well, it's worth a try, anyway.....

Like your advice Robert :-) You got me looking up Andy Warhol! "Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches." I will tell the press a very wise man and extraordinary artist named Robert taught me the complicated use of layering Gesso in a tonal symbolic timbal medium.

Hang on Studio Wall

As this didn't quite fit on my scanner I had to use my camera to copy it instead! The first upload (Boats) showed the background, so I have just selected the painting this time, as I thought the orange cork background didn't help! Also as this is my first attempt using a stretched canvas board I found it not as easy to paint as using paper! (is this normal) So please be gentle if you comment - that's my excuse :-)

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