Happy Birthday Maureen

Happy Birthday Maureen

Simple, striking image but who's this Maureen ? :) Thought you were joking when you said you were moving on to flowers due to lack of models ! Seriously though, this is a nice daffodil. Effective and good colour. I like the delicate edge around the petals against that nice turquoise/green background. Also those dark splashes of colour work well. It's striking and will make a lovely card for Maureen !

Thanks Louise, Maureen is my lovely neighbour across the road who was a good friend of my Dear late wife June. She liked the card withthe painting on it & the usual bath bombs I get her ;-) I'm doing two at once now as I write this, but they are a bit more abstract. It's a shame the scanner didn't show up the subtleties (very light grey on petals) and I can't take a picture with my camera, unless i steal it back from Maureen! Yes it makes a change from portraits of ladies, but I'm sure there will be more? (God Willing)

Thanks for kind comment James. I'm still stuck in February here! My daughter usually posts pics for me but I've been doing my own recently and don't know how to move up to April :) She's back on Thurs so I'll catch up then. I've posted loads, too many, some might say. I'll guess what you're next flower is! That should be easy... Also, I did notice the suptle colour here, although it doesn't show on the petals, despite Maureen having your good camera. You started with a lemon yellow wash and overpainted with the greens I think?

while I'm thinking find the my gallery add button( add new portfolio ) to create a new month or whatever. (or wait for your daughter) ;-) No Maureen has the painting not my camera, so I can't snap it instead of scan it now... Yes I did do the wash as you thought. You may find the title of my next upload a bit strange ;-) Thanks again Louise x

Done it ! One in April now, thanks, it wasn't too difficult was it? February was getting a little crowded ! Looking forward to seeing your next strangely titled work :)

Ok Cool! I'll also go and have a look in your April porfolio...

A lovely narcissi James, the orange and yellow centre is great. The background shows it off beautifully. Lucky Maureen.

OOps, I thought it was a daffodil :)

Don't worry, same family.

Thanks Carole I should have done the Maureen Variety, never mind! Not a gardener then Louise? It's these Latin names that confuse everyone ;-)

Actually, I am a gardener, and I knew really :) It's such a nice image that momentarily the name escaped me! Also, Carole has the advantage of being an expert flower painter.

This is a lovely card, James! I like the way you capture the forms - simple yet effective.

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A5 x 1/2

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Started off working life as a Photographer, Professional Musician, (Guitarist/Vocals) Electronics background. It was in 2007 that I started learning to paint & draw, I like to try various styles using different mediums, but do like pen & wash as a preference.

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