Vase With Flowers


Very striking, Frank - I really like your unique style...

Thanks, Jan. An encouraging comment.

Very attractive, Frank. I'm immediately drawn to the joy of this painting. Love it! Bri

Love the colour range!

I think this is the first time I have seen your work. Like the clear, crisp look and the colours.

Thanks all. The thing about an iPad is you can doodle away in an armchair and let the TV dross pass over your head.

Hang on Studio Wall

Ipad sketch with Procreate app.

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Frank Goddard

I spent many years teaching children art, among other things, but rarely found time to paint for myself until after early retirement. After putting chalk and blackboard behind me I first turned on pen and ink and produced a book The Great North Road (pub. Frances Lincoln, 176pp) devoted to pen and…

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