Tal Gordon Lighthouse

Tal Gordon Lighthouse

That's a fine sketch, Thalia. I know what you mean about brush pens, I'm very clumsy with them. I feel I ought to do better with them, you ought to be able to vary the weight of line as you can with dip pens...but they just don't work for me. This sketch would make a fine painting.

A great sketch Thalia using brush pens and the railings did turn out well, nice distance reached to the lighthouse showing perspective and land-mass well! I have never tried brush pens but do like drawing with fine-liner pen and tried Sumi Japanese painting on one occasion which was fluid and light!

Very effective Thalia. Great sense of distance and space.

Lovely sketch Thalia.

Lovely sketch book drawing Thalia, colour next perhaps!

I love urban sketches, the freedom and unpredictability of them. This is a lovely one Thalia.

Nice pen sketch - I do like ink sketches! what a view you have!

Super sketch here Thalia!

Great sketch Thalia, what a view!

There is a lot of depth in it, Thalia, especially because of the beautiful railings.

This is a great sketch, and I think the balcony in the corner works very well. It's well executed and also adds depth and location to the sketch. Love it!

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketch done on our balcony with an Urban Sketcher friend. I used some ink pens of different tones, which I've never liked as they're all brush pens and for me too clumsy. The railings on the bottom left were a challenge!

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