Walking Through I

Walking Through I

I'm useless at figures, Thalia, so this is great. I will use it as reference.

A superb collection of figures, Thalia. Beautifully observed and drawn.

A lovely sketchbook page Thalia. You know how to paint anything.

Posted on Mon 26 Mar 08:34:54

Excellent work Thaila. But why the yellow paper or is it the result of the photographic process?

Ideal subjects and captured very well

A great exercise 😃

An exercise I think we could all benefit from.

Great useful work Thalia

Seth, just go for it, try charcoal! No way are you useless! Or try watercolour, it's very forgiving! Linda, the paper is a creamy colour and the light was bad when I photograghed it! Ibolya...just wish I could paint anything!!! Thank you very much Seth, Lewis, Ibolya, Linda, Derek, Linda, David and Dennis, You're very kind, but i only do what I love, and we all like to people watch...

Gorgeous figures, Thalia. Thanks for your comment on Coffee and sweets pic😊. You asked if it was viridian. Well it was various greens in my soft pastel tin - I don't think there was viridian as such. Fun, anyway! And I do love viridian.

So useful - well painted figures.

What a great collection of figures Thalia, they all look so good!

Great " loose" movement on those super figures.

Great control of the swordliner brush Thalia.

Great reference work , like the angles of some of the walks, excellent.

I love your figures Thalia, So many different positions.

Thank you Shirley, Maureen, Margaret, Richard, Carole, Andre, and Lisa, you are all very kind but I have to confess that it's the brush that does it not me!!! You have to be loose with my huge brush!!!

Hang on Studio Wall

These particular figures were done in the Ministry building corridors on a wet morning, using my swordliner brush I don't aim for detail or likeness, just a simple shape. I have literally dozens of similar studies and use them as reference in paintings.

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