Birmingham University Commission

Birmingham University Commission

This is beautifully painted Thalia and certainly has your own recognisable style. I’m sure your client must be delighted.

A lovely sunlit job.

Lovely drawing Thalia, I hate photographic style commissions of buildings. This is how they should be seen!

I remember visiting this building on a number of occasions as a very young child with my dad - the couloirs are very distinctive and I love the shadow in the foreground. Lovely.

Beautifully done Thalia.

Thank you very much indeed Tessa, such a kind comment. Thanks Lewis, I picked that photo for its sunlight, i remember too many dismal days in those days! Thank you, Alan, your comments frequently restore my confidence as I often feel I've gone too far, especially with buildings! Thank you Rachel, I too have many happy memories of this place, thanks Jennifer and Caroline for your kind comments, all are much appreciated

Beautifully painted Thalia.

Hang on Studio Wall

A commissioned painting for a very dear elderly client who used to be an education officer in Birmingham, attached to the University. Oddly enough this must have been whilst I was teaching in the area too. We had to come all the way to Gozo to meet!! Painted very loosely from a photograph with my own 'take' on it, I have placed several figures in the distance to add interest and life.

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