More Bobbin Robins

More Bobbin Robins

I'm liking your Christmas cards...they are acting as a prompt to make me do one myself.

Hope you have a great day and hope you sell your cards, I didn't sell a single one this year at our art fayre, but keep selling to friends😶

Good luck Thalia with the sale of your cards. You shouldn't have much trouble with these little cuties.

Good luck with your Fayre today Thalia, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all with your cards, they are unique.

I'm sure you will sell them all Thalia, I particularly like the one with the hat over his eyes, so comical!

Love these, especially the robin with the hat over his eyes, I'm sure we can all relate to that! Do hope you sell lots.

These are gorgeous Thalia! Hope you sold lots :)

Like these! You must be organised to be painting cards!

Hang on Studio Wall

Oops! Sometimes my wet in wet techniques get a bit out of hand! The hat on this poor robin looks like it fell over his eyes, but he looks so cute I left it alone! Hopefully today I cover the cost of my table at the Fayre by selling some of these hand painted cards!

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