Soup Tomorrow

Soup Tomorrow

Like the warm colours Thalia.

Very different from your usual! Good composition and great colours.

Just my cup of tea, this one. The excitement gets going with the urgency to complete, but at first, frustration. I always need to "warm up" before painting - if I don't I waste time making mistakes.

Thank you Carole, Margaret, Dennis, and I totally agree, Marjorie. We normally do a 'Notan' before, but I was determined that we were going to 'finish' alla prima', one person always wants to 'finish at home by glazing..' not what I was trying to get at! They spend too long doing notans, this time we just went for it!!! I failed dismally, especially with the, not a sickly looking carrot! lol!

Like this Thalia, you wouldn’t get me near a still life at one time but I really enjoy doing them now, and I HAVE to finish it in one go! Lol

Wow this is different Thalia! It looks really good though😀

Hang on Studio Wall

Way out of my comfort zone for this. I run workshops where we finish a painting in a day, or within 4 hours. This was a demonstration to my more advanced group. Demonstrate something I never normally paint...brave? No plain stupid! I want them to paint from life, though, not a picture! I admit to laying in more paint later!

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