Goth Dwarf (Whitby Challenge)

Goth Dwarf (Whitby Challenge)

Like it Thalia, love the rat quarters. I prefer number 1 😂

okey dokey, Lesley, I'm sure he'll be delighted t cook it for you!

Love it Thalia, won't get much dinner off that rat though, lol thanks for joining in the challenge.

Brilliant Thalia. Very funny.

Lol....very good Thalia!

Ta everyone! Loved doing him!!! Makes a change as i have an exhibition coming up soon so working on stuff for that! For those of you who don't know Pratchett, give yourselves a treat and read him! He's hilariously funny but also very serious in the background...if you follow my drift!!

Well, he certainly knows how to get to a woman's heart. great fun, Thalia. I don't know what, Robert Jones, would make of the 'jointed rat' I hope he sees it :)

Posted by C Jones on Sun 29 Apr 07:46:13

Love this Thalia! Really made me smile😀😀😀

Hang on Studio Wall

I pinched this from Stephen Briggs, I'm afraid! This is Casanunder, the world's second best ever lover, hope you like him! I've altered him slightly, as he's wooing Nanny Ogg with his culinary specialitiesof frogs legs, bat wings a banana for the Librarian, and the best Rat cuts for himself.

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