Rushing Reindeer

Rushing Reindeer

It's the imagination that makes the picture, Thalia. Lovely easy movement in the reindeer, great colours.

Lovely fresh bright painting Thalia, great asset the imagination.

Great colour and movement Thalia.

Wow, gorgeous colours. Dynamic too.

Posted by T H on Tue 27 Feb 08:46:27

That's a yes from me Thalia. Lovely work.

Lovely, some fabulous colours and great sense of movement 😀

Really lovely and fresh painting Thalia.

Posted on Tue 27 Feb 10:21:49

Great movement !!

That's fantastic Thalia.

Thank you so much everybody, really kind of you! I so enjoyed simply holding my breath and diving into the paint! No drawing first...often my downfall!

I think Rudolph is leading the herd Thalia! Great painting.

Great movement and colours - impressed !

Love this - rich colours and movement. Great spontaneity, Thalia

Thank you Margaret Richard and Maureen, glad you like them! Might try a few more like this!

Beautiful, the movement is so well captured.

Lovely bold and fast strokes and the limited palette makes this a striking image Thalia.

Simple but beautiful. Imagined or not, the colours bring this completely to life.

Excellent! I like!

Posted by Janet Ng on Mon 26 Nov 06:22:41

Fantastic and lively

Hang on Studio Wall

I fancied working on something completely different. A friend in the Highlands works with reindeer and often sends me lovely pictures. I admit I have imagined these colours, but I loved the movement of these beauties!

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