Barley Bales and Cittadella

Barley Bales and Cittadella

I loved the original and I love this one.

Yes, a good move Thalia, an improvement.

Two excellent posts today, Thalia.

This has a more complete look to it than your earlier post. You have very successfully captured those shafts of light on the landscape and I love your bales. Beautiful Mediterranean palette.

Like this one very much.

I loved the other one, but this seems sharper after your adjustments. Beautiful.

Ooh I really enjoyed looking at this Thalia it is wonderful:)

Like it very much, Thalia

Thank you everyone for your very kind comments Gudrun, Seth, Thanks Alan, i agree, as the Cittadella is such an eyecatcher all over this tiny island! Thanks lewis very much for that. Yup, Tessa, thank you very much I hoped I'd got them...they go so fast, these shafts of light especially in the wind and clouds.Thanks, Sandra,Ellen, sharper's a good word, kind of you, thanks, Thank you Tessa, I love it too! thank you Carole, loved your flowers from your garden, too! thank you Maureen. You have all been very kind.

Another beauty Thalia, great depth and composition

Stunning, love the composition

Thank you very much, David, Rachel and Margaret, how very kind you all are

Hang on Studio Wall

Just one or two touches to this plein air from yesterday. I have taken down the darker BS on the left to give it a little more light in that area, and gone one tone darker in the sky immediately behind the tower of the Cittadella so that it was highlighted therefore a little more of a feature in the landscape.

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