Barley Bales and Cittadella

Barley Bales and Cittadella

Super, Thalia. Lovely palette. I can feel the sun on my back.

Still great colours and atmosphere without any final touches.

It's still looking good though, 😀

I probably agree with you about the BS, the sky I like Thalia, however, this is an exceptional piece.

Looks great!

Posted by T H on Sat 05 May 10:34:41

Thank you very much Seth, Peter, Linda, Alan...blobs gone now!!! I'd changed the sky a little before I saw your comment, Alan, it's made the Cittadella stand out a little more

Amazing painting Thalia, this one is a great work with wonderful atmosphere.

thank you very much, Cesare...send me those croissants!!!

I think it’s fabulous, Thalia.

Excellent! This is lovely Thalia. It's actually very warm with us today, not as hot as you of course but lovely to enjoy the sun.

It already looks good Thalia!

I think it's full of energy. Great. I have no problem with the colours.

I think this is your best work to date Thalia, fantastic work.

This is a warm inviting picture well captured.

Terrific landscape, great depth and carefully chosen details. lovely.

Interesting painting - like your colours and marks, Thalia

Like it already, will look forward to seeing the worked over version.

Hang on Studio Wall

I was trying to get the effect of the bright sunlight raking quickly over the fields creating intense darks and light areas. I will work on this during the day as the sky is not to my liking and there is a blob of burnt sienna on the left which needs toning down some!

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