Barley Bales and Cittadella on site

Barley Bales and Cittadella on site

I like to see these ‘views from the easel’, Thalia. Although I did topple over with this one.😀

If you want your pictures to show the right way up so viewers don´t have to twist their necks, here´s how. Don´t know how this can happen on a PC but all iPads and phones are built to turn a picture depending on how you hold the gadget in your hand. In other words if it appears upside down or sideways after posting it should be deleted and uploaded again. You either need a photo editing APP for your iPad which allows you to turn the picture the right way up before uploading it to the gallery. Alternatively you can write down which way you held your iPad when you took a picture which arrived on the gallery the right way up. You would then be able to make sure you always took your photos from that same position.

I'd really like to see this the right way up - feeling slightly queasy at the moment..

I do love to see the easel in situ, it's a great addition. Do have another go at posting it though, such a shame.

So sorry folks will repost it in abit

Husband here, I have now corrected my mistake, hope all your heads are back the right way.

That’s better, Thalia. The blood rushed to my head, but I’m ok now.😳

What a great job!

Posted on Sat 05 May 19:34:03

You've chosen a great composition from the choice in front of you.

Looks superbly captured

Great to see the whole view with materials . painting looks great.

That's better, what a view you lucky thing you!

Thank you all for sorry about the first post...Philip put it to rights! Thank you, Seth, glad you feel better now! Thank you, Ibolya, Gudrun... that's a great thing to say, thank you, and you, Karen. thanks all of you very much

thanks, Alan and David, this is the view from the other end of the village where we live, and yes we are so very lucky to live here!

Hang on Studio Wall

This was being painted very early this morning. I'd already had to take off my jumper...sorry guys!!! It's getting too hot now...can't win plein air at the moment! I've used artistic license to squash all the other bales into my scene, as leads around the picture, as there was only one in my actual line of vision!

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