Heat Mgarr Harbour

Heat Mgarr Harbour

I know you are a perfectionist, Thalia, but I think this is super. I love it.

It gives a soft base and worked very well Thalia, perseverance paid off its beautiful.

No no no not the bin! I can't see what the problem is, it looks wonderful to me Thalia, but I'm no expert🙄 you have conveyed the heat so well! We are back to cloudy skies and rain😭

Wow! Thalia, I love the colours on it!

Love this :)

There's a tremendous atmosphere in this painting, it looks drenched in heat. The kind you might get before a storm. Maybe I'm reading it differently to you, that might not have been what you intended...but it's impressive, you shouldn't bin it.

Thalia don't scrap it put it to one side for a day or so look at it with fresh eyes .your signature is written all over this work the water is great so too are the boats it looks hot!lovely atmospheric feel.This painting business is an emotional roller coaster isn't it!

Oh! Thank you everyone, you're always so kind, Seth , if you saw how I threw paint on this initially...!!! Thank you Carole, yes, I maybe agree about the soft base...the colour is a favourite to express heat, pure Quinacridone Gold,Thanks Margaret, sorry about the rain, You'd best come and visit!!! Thank you Joyce and Alan, that's kind of you to say so. It wasn't stormy when I started it, Lewis, but my feelings for it must have rolled on to it as i agree, it does now look like it! What lovely comments, David, thank you, yes, an emotional roller coaster is exactly the right expression for this painting business. I will put it away, and look at it again in two or three days THANK YOU EVERYONE for all the helpful kind things you've said.

Looks good to me Thallia and it has made it onto the top line of the gallery. We are always dissatisfied with are own work aren't we? That why it is good to post on pol and be often encouraged by others.

I will always give an honest opinion Thalia, this is absolutely fine, no issues at all, I love it.

The Bin? You can't be serious Thalia, I like it a lot!

I think it's great, Thalia - love the vibrant colours.

We all seem to like it Thalia - no bin job!

I think this has worked well Thalia, after all you hard work it has turned into a lovely painting

Great colours, it's ended in the top line so that should save it from ending in the bin!

It's great Thalia. Colours are so warm it really caught my eye. Really gives the perception of a very hot day.

Thank you everyone...ok I can take a hint...i won't bin it!

Hang on Studio Wall

This water colour has been driving me crazy. It started life ten days ago in Mgarr Harbour, where I painted the majority of it, But it got too hot and I couldn't finish on site. Working on it in the studio, I couldn't get the water to look right ...So I sponged it all out and started again over the 'ghost' image left by the sponging. Help and comments much appreciated as at the moment it might end in the bin!!!

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