25 minute study watercolour

25 minute study watercolour

Nice position and well observed. I like quick poses in life drawing and well done you using paint .

A sketch in paint, really good. The mid section tones are excellent, you must be pleased with this Thalia.

Excellent work on a difficult pose in 25 minutes.

Good study, Thalia.

Great result Thalia, I agree with Marjorie about the mid section tones, beautifully done.

Great subject and treatment

Such a good life drawing Thalia :)

Nicely done Thalia, time regardless.

yes, great pose. Not an easy one.

Posted by T H on Thu 15 Mar 15:12:55

Works well Thalia, love the deep shadows

Thank you very very much Sylvia Marjorie Lewis Cesare Russel Derek Louise Jim Timothy Dennis Gudrun and Carole. Your helpful and insightful comments are noted and taken on board...especially about the mid section...will think about that in next week's session.

There are some really super examples of life drawing/paintings on the gallery today and this is one of them. Excellent Thalia.

Lovely work Thalia on a difficult pose

Thank you very much Fiona, that's very kind of you. I find life drawing a real challenge but so very rewarding...it seems to filter back into all other areas I'm working on. Thank you too, Margaret and David for your kind comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

We created some quite difficult poses last night, but on the whole I was pleased with my efforts and thought I'd put them into my gallery. This is almost a monotone, using onle madder red and a touch of indigo.

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