Silent City Mdina


No sign of a struggle to me. It looks grand.

I like it but I think you're right. It may be because the painting divides itself into pretty much 4 equal bands which doesn't sit quite right and therefore confuses the eye. Anyway, what do I know!

Love that colourful foreground Thalia. You just need to fade out the top buildings for distance, I think?

Yes, probably that might help, Carole, Thanks everyone for looking and commenting, Thank you, Lewis, Margaret, Heather...exactly!!! I have repainted this so many times!

Looks pretty good to me, just as I remember it.

Ahh! Thank you, Matthew...yes, and even more silent at the moment!

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This large [for me!] landscape has caused me a real struggle, I could not seem to get the distance looking right...I think the main problem being the shape of the canvas.

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