Line Up

Line Up

A lovely painting of a splendid subject, I can see why you want to keep it.

Very characterful little boats Thalia. We all have our favourite paintings we would not part with :)

Lovely Thalia, it a shame if the wooden luzzus are disappearing I remember then well in my visits many moons ago.

Lovely work Thalia. Love the subject

Love panoramic paintings, this works so well Thalia.

Thank you all so very much! this has inspired so many other versions of harbour scenes, alas Barry, it's true to say that few have the time, the inclination and/or the money to renovate these lovely old charmers. Thank you Lewis, Carole, Margaret, Barry, Dennis, Jim, and Alan, I really appreciate your kind remarks.

I can see why you won't sell this Thalia, it is fabulous

Thank you very much, Maureen and Anjana, for your kind comment!

Beautiful painting Thalia.

Hang on Studio Wall
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This was painted several years ago, these days I have to search the harbour for the real wooden luzzus, to make a good Maltese painting! It started to rain, I vividly remember, and I had to duck for cover, in order to compntinue. Hanging in our tiny hall, it is an all time favourite which I would not sell for the world!

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