Washday Blues

Washday Blues

Really great.

Love those rich colours of the buildings.

I like the contrasts, Thalia, and the loose style. It also provokes a warmth using that colour palette.

Can feel the heat radiating throughout the street Thalia. Great job of the buildings without any fuss.Love it.

High quality as per normal Thalia Confident brushwork.

It’s lovely positive daily scene and gives me cheerful fresh start of a day. Let’s do laundry . Thank you Thalia.

Good work Thalia, your colours suggest a very warm day suitable for washing.

Thank you dear Tom...so's yours, Brilliant plein air! Thank you, Ellen, yes, almost neat watercolour does wonders! Thank you very much Ron, it's the transparent orange Schminke from a large tube that gets me going! Thank you Carole, I lay down the washes then sort of wiggle into them! Thank you Shaun, what a kind encouraging comment! Thank you very much Yoko and Cesare, I love looking at washing...only if I don't have to do the ironing!

Beautiful, love the orange.

Dazzling eye-catcher. Love the warm heart of the work.

Love the strong colours and washes, very nice, Thalia.

Lovely bright and joyful painting

Thank you Dennis and Romila...much appreciated comments!

Thank you very much, Matthew, Jim, Annick and Margaret, I really do appreciate your kind and helpful comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have painted a similar scene to this before but using a more limited palette this time and with a different group of people in this old street in Valletta.

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