Evening Tide Polperro

Evening Tide Polperro

This is a super painting, absolutely beautiful!

I agree with the above. My Gallery pick of the day.

Wonderful - inventive, lots of techniques employed, but you've completely avoided over-working or crowding the painting. I particularly like those rich, juicy washes in the background and middleground.

A bright, lively painting, full of life & movement.

Very effective use of a number of techniques. It only works in the hands of a pro, and you are.

Imaginative, inventive, colourful and vibrant. Love it.

Thank you for all your fantastic comments. Just waiting to be discovered!!!!!!! Your comments are very encouraging.

I zoomed in on this, so colourful and interesting, great work.

Outstanding - a lively use of watercolour. Well done.

Lovely, great painting. Strong, vibrant colours and so much feeling. Well done!!

i love this

I absolutely love vibrant colours and amire those who master it, lovely work!

Nice lively colour -I like it

Wonderful range of techniques and effects

So lovely and joyful painting! Love all your ideas here!

I really like this Thalia - great colours and energy!

Hang on Studio Wall

This abstract view of an evening low tide at Polperro really gives a flavour of this lovely old harbour with it's 'higgle dy piggledy' cottages, mess of boats stranded on the sand, their lines and moorings glinting in the sun. You will have to use your own imagination too, to discover all hidden little ideas I have dropped into this watercolour, for fun!!

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