oranges And Red

oranges And Red

Beautiful...not surprised it sold.

Love the different colours you use on your doors Thalia. Always brings your paintings alive. Glad the exhibition is going well. The exhaustion will be worth it.

Love the architecture, the orange doors , the touches of blue, and the bougainvilia , you are doing well, soon your exhibition will be over,relax.You are a very talented artist.

Love it! Great warm feeling

This is fabulous Thalia, I'm not surprised that it sold quickly, the orange colour is beautiful.

Wonderful painting Thalia

Thank you Lewis, Carole, Annick, Rachel, Margaret and Russell you are all so very kind and I do so appreciate your help and encouragement!

Beautiful painting, Thalia, the buyer had good taste.

Beautiful painting Thalia, wonderful colours

Thalia, there would never be any doubt about you doing well at your exhibition....your work is tremendous.

Well, it comes as no surprise that you sold this, Thalia. It's a smasher! Bri

I love your work. It must be so nice to live where you do. So much around to paint.

Love the colours Thalia, and very pleased that your exhibition is doing well.

Hang on Studio Wall

I've painted this before with a lemon tree [imagined!] This time I've grew a bourgainvilia up the wall!!! I liked it, framed it, and sold it at the exhibition! Only 3 more days, but I'm doing quite well! Exhausted isn't the word!!!

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