Walkling Through

Walkling Through

I love how you paint buildings. Very convincing technique.

Posted on Sun 09 Sep 07:30:20

You're really owning that warm sandstone? Thalia. Great capture of sun, shadows and warmth.

Love it Thalia another little big one

Great Thalia. Never tire of your charming, little street scenes.

Lovely painting Thalia

Lovely little painting 😃

Gorgeous. You have really captured the heat.

Lovely Thalia.

Thank you very much everyone for your generous comments, Thanks Sandra and Ibolya, Mainly wet in wet with a flat brush, Ibolya and Jim! And thick, stiff buttery paint! Awww, Thanks Dennis and Carole, sweet of you both! Thanks Dennis, love your post today...as always! Thanks Linda, Margaret and Fiona, I'm back into tiny ones as they're easierto manage on a small easel!

Love your free, warm approach, Thalia

Really like this,love your choice of colours, Thalia.

Like this Thalia, tiny piece with big content.

Thank you very much, Maureen...can't do cold on Malta, lol! Thank you Annick, Margaret, and Dorothy, really kind of you to say so!

Hang on Studio Wall

A tiny picture 3x5ins of a side street in the Silent City, Mdina, with people and a dog keeping in the shade.

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