Lovely scene. Like the angle of the boats.

Again, needs a grander stage by enlarging. Lovely work.

I guess these little pictures can often work well as they are...two lovely posts today...this one is super. But they can also provide the stimulus to work on a larger scale. (At least that's what's happened with some of my postcard size pics.) Whether you decide to go large or not, they are lovely little paintings in their own right.

Astonishing work for the size, Thalia, absolutely amazing. Great name for a lovely impression. The boats and church are excellent focal points. Bri

That's so clever getting everything into such a small painting, as said before it would look great on a grander scale 😀

Another little gem of a painting Thalia.

Good grief Thalia, that is small. I don't know how you've managed it but it's damn good.

These are super--helpful comments, thank you so much Seth, Jim, Lewis, Brian, Linda, Stephen, Alan, and Sandra. I have done similar larger versions of this one, a favourite harbour on Malta with a huge Sunday market which I paint occasionally. Alan, i think i manage because of my artist's squint that's developed over the years! I try to look for shapes, not things, and paint dark/light, as Amanda Hyatt advises in her useful artcles! Thanks for your useful remark!

It's wonderful Thalia, so much to see in such a small piece.

As always Thalia, super colours. Went there some years ago.Hope it hasn't changed too much.

It’s amazing how you fit so much into that size Thalia.....and then make it look as though it’s huge!

Very difficult to do on such a small scale. Great job Thalia.

Thank you so much, Margaret, Richard, Fiona [ha ha!] and Carole. Done from an old photo, I'm afraid, Richard. They were trying to introduce a huge covered market to replace the original...the residents objected strongly, and we all hope it's continuing in the old way!

Hang on Studio Wall

Really tiny picture, 5x3ins, of a huge harbour, with The Baroque Marsaxlokk church in the background.

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