I have taken Jim's advice and put in some birds. In fact a family of ducks. Mgarr Harbour has several ducks, all fed by the restaurants [no comment, lol!] I have softened the area under the boat, and darkened the top pontoon with Quinacridone Gold. Is this now working? Comments hoped for!!!

Can't be of much help here Thalia, never really got into abstraction, I find painting what is in front of me consuming enough! However I can understand the effort you have put into this work. I think the ducks do add to the scene.

Decidedly better for the ducks focal point Thalia.

The vibrant colours really appeal to me.

Thank you, Stephen, they're not for me, either really. So hot I thought to do something 'easier'...nope! it wasn't! Help came from you, Jim, thank you for the birds idea, yes, an improvement but still not thrilled with it! Thank you Sandra, for your encouraging comment! Think I'll stick with my usual kind of painting though!

I'm not an abstract girl either Thalia, but I do like the colours and the little duck!!

No Thalia, no duck! Love these colours tho'. By the way, saw your painting "in the flesh" at Patchings - I've put a photo of me next to my painting on the forum ( ha ha ). I said, "hey! There's Thalia's painting!" Looked good!

Thank you so much, Margaret, There are actually 3 ducklings following the drake! Thank you, Marjorie...I wish I could get to Patchings! Would especially have liked to meet David Curtis who I've admired for 25 years!!!

I like this Thalia the colour combos are great

Thank you very much Dermot, kind comment, not my thing though, this abstract idea!!!

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I hope this is better...if not RIP time !

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