What a marvelous place, and a marvelous painting. Your 'writing in the negative' works perfectly. Your description sounds pretty idyllic.

Love the rich colours, Thalia. Don’t know the size, but I imagine it would sell very well to tourists.

Thank you Lewis, but you know what wc is like for leaving unwanted marks! Nearly drove me up the wall! Might try a cartoon of me up the Cittadella wall!!! lol! Thank you, Seth. This is 10x7ins, so not quite so small...cannot imagine doing the writing any smaller!

What a great job you have made of this Thalia! You are so clever to to have rendered the letters so well.

Very beautiful song. Love your distinctive style Thalia.

Your ability to see, simplify and yet make an interesting scene is truly briliant Thalia. That and you rich colour are always eye-catching and full of life.

Despite all the challenges you did a terrific job Thalia as always!

Posted on Fri 29 Jun 09:17:51

You have achieves some wonderful depth in this piece Thalia, it's so gorgeous...

Fantastic Thalia! Those shadows are beautifully rich and juicy....great palette altogether.

Great colours!

Posted by T H on Fri 29 Jun 14:17:48

Gosh! A huge thank you everyone, I really do appreciate your help! Thank you Margaret, Carole, Jim, Ibolya, Alan, John and Fiona, those comments really keep me on task! Getiing more and more tired!!! I apologise if I've not made as many comments as usual...exhibition taking it's toll of the elderly!!!

Thank you Timothy, very much...they are absolutely true to life in the lettering, and the dark interior!

A striking watercolour.

Hang on Studio Wall

This iconic ornate doorway into my friend Antonin's bar is where I sit to paint plein air in It Tokk[the meeting place] Square. He supplies me with a coffee and water whilst I paint and bring him more customers! This one nearly was a disaster, as I do not use masking fluid. The easel is so wobbly, and to get the writing correct I have to paint in the negative... no easy way round this!

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