Ballusa Bar WIP

Ballusa Bar WIP

Not bin time, Thalia. I can feel the heat and hoping there is a free table in the shade to enjoy a glass of wine.

I think you have caught the feeling of intense heat very well here Thalia. I liket He way you have simplified the background buildings, with just blocks of tone.

I think it's great Thalia

Now this is nice.....

Great work Thalia! I love all the hot pink, it makes it emphasise how hot it really is in the streets.

Don't you dare bin it Thalia! I really like the Quin Violet, it adds to the painting.

I love it Thalia.. I think the colours are perfect x

Not bin time at all, I love the palette!

Okey dokey, then the votes are in positive favour, not bin time! You really do help, you guys! A huge Thank you, Seth, Stephen, Russell, Guy, John, Sarah, Margaret and Rachel. Sometimes the light in the exhibition hall is not good, so I always was a bit heavy on the colour...I'm used to natural light! Thank you so very much everyone!

Hang on Studio Wall

Trying to get even more intense heat in this but fear I might have overdone the very staining Quinacridone Violet! Might be a bi it job, as it's on HP again, totally irrepairable! I put the short skirted high heeled young lady in to create interest in the forground! All help gratefully received!! Need it with this!! Bin Time!!!

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