Sketching in the cafe 2 pen and pencil.

Sketching  in the cafe 2 pen and pencil.

A great set of sketches, Tessa. I particularly like the one of the counter staff.

Love all your sketches Tessa.

Excellent Tessa!

Thank you so much Lewis, ( the counter staff are my favourite too), Michael, Carole and Fiona. The chap clearing tables had to be drawn very quickly as he was there and gone before I knew it.

Caffs are great sketching grounds . You so obviously enjoyed doing these. The body language of the chap clearing tables is great.

Great selection of drawings Tessa, well done!

Thank you Sylvia and Alan. Yes Sylvia, cafes are great for sketching. My other favourite is Paddington station while waiting for the train home. ( I visit daughter and galleries quite often now ). In a way that’s even more challenging because people don’t stay still for long at all, but that’s the fun of it all, and necessitates being brief and decisive in assessing and sketching.

These are great sketches Tessa.

Hang on Studio Wall

Some drawings of staff behind the counter and tidying tables.

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