R.A. drawing prog 3, Romeo the Welsh mountain pony

R.A. drawing prog 3, Romeo the Welsh mountain pony

I do hope you found a carrot for him. Lovely drawing Tessa.

Sounds like an interesting course Tessa, looking to give it a try.

Thank you Sylvia and Alan. It is an excellent session, especially informative about the musculature of the human figure if you are interested in drawing people. I could sit through it again, as the time of poses was generally only minutes. The programme lasts an hour and a half.

Great sketching. Are these 'live' life drawing videos still available. I did them last year and I was able to access them later ...

Thanks Gudrun. I just checked and yes it’s still available if you go to www.royalacademy.org.uk and scroll WAY down you’ll find it right at the end. Well worth doing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Hang on Studio Wall

A very well behaved little pony who came into the studio to be drawn, and was even led around to look at some of the students drawing live!

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