Pass The Fruit Please!

Pass The Fruit Please!

This works beautifully Tessa - like the brush strokes and colours.

Love the Cezanne influence

Well you certainly achieved what you set out to do, I thought Cezanne before I'd looked at your description, really well painted 😀

Nice Tessa - love the colour! Making me hungry!

It looks like Cezanne, Tessa, what with those deft brushstrokes all working together to create the whole. I thought of him immediately as I admired the textures and palette. Excellent painting. Bri

Lovely painting, Tessa.

I love the big, bold brush strokes

I saw the influence, but it's your style. Really good.

Cezanne, yes! The outline around the fruit - I like it!

I love Cezannes still life fruit paintings Tessa, but my favourite are the skulls. You’ve certainly matched some of his colours and brush strokes, the set up is very Cezanne too. I would be very happy to see this on my kitchen or dining room’s smashing!

Thank you all for your lovely comments, I’m very grateful, Margaret N and Margaret B, Alan, Linda, Shaun (really like your bold use of colour, so pleased with your view on this), Maureen and Bri (another Cezanne fan!),Cesare, Diana and Gudrun, Maureen and Fiona (maybe I should look out for a stray skull!?). Thank you all, your support means a lot.👍

Love the strong colours and brushstrokes which give the appearance of Cezanne’s work but you have given your own twist to it with your background and foreground.

Than you Carole. This didn’t start out with any idea of Cézanne, just a straightforward still life, but I had left some of the drawing lines in and it developed from there.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil 12x10” on canvas board. I started this about a month before Christmas in art class, then left it over the New Year and just got round to finishing it! I love they way Cezanne used to paint fruit, so have tried to pick up a hint of his style.

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