Headgear Doodles

Headgear Doodles

Good work, Tessa. It's odd the things that spark us to draw, various head-wear is a great subject.

These are excellent doodles, Tessa, ones that capture the variety of styles to be seen every day. They're also great reference material for future paintings etc. Really enjoyed looking at these. Bri

Thank you Lew and Bri for your encouraging words. Bri- I find there’s a disconnect for me between sketching figures and faces which I do quite often, and transforming them into paintings! Maybe I should actually draw in pencil or charcoal on my painting surface , rather than starting with brush strokes? I seem to view people sketches and paintings as two separate and different things and the one doesn’t successfully follow the other. Must try harder!

Many thanks Russell.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketchpad doodles out of my head after a London trip last week, noticing the variety of headgear around! Pen sketch.

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I have returned to painting over the last few years having relocated from Cardiff to the Cotswolds in 2009 and joined the Guiting Power Art Group. Although I did a year's Foundation Course at art college after leaving school, I hadn’t painted much in the interim, except for a few attempts here and…

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