Jan 1st - The Last Slice!


Looks good Tessa. Did you eat it ?.

Not yet Sylvia. I’m nobly leaving it for the hubby! My waistline doesn’t need any more.

Good enough to eat.

I agree with Stephen and Sylvia's comments, good enough to eat 😁

Oh Tessa, you're getting my taste buds going today! You could say I've lost it at the moment - jellybabies, chocs, panetone, dates....not safe if I see them. It'll pass...."luckily" I didn't make a Xmas cake this year.

Many thanks Stephen, Linda, and Marjorie. Isn’t it so easy to over eat at Christmas.? I need to get back on the straight and narrow!

Yum! I don't usually buy a Christmas cake as my OH doesn't like raisons so a bit jealous!

Ooh give it to me please 😆mmm lovely

Gosh Tessa, have just had the last piece of our Xmas cake, ours looked and tasted as good as this one does!

I normally make but this year bought this small one from a friend and it was very lovely. Dennis you’ll have to pop round quick mate or it’ll be gone! Thanks all. Reminds me my mum used to make a massive cake which we were still munching through at the end of January....🥴

Great textures on this cake, Tessa - I like your use of the palette knife... luckily I don't like Christmas cake much, but I couldn't stop eating German stollen cake over Christmas!

Ooh yes stollen is tasty but not something I’d buy. I’m usually glad when it’s all over , food-wise!

It does look good Tessa. Love the marzipan.

This looks scrummy Tessa , fortunately I don’t like Christmas cake, or anything else for that matter with dried fruit in it. I like dried fruit by itself but not cooked!

Thank you Carole and Fiona. X

Larger than life slice! Really stands out Tessa. I cheated this year and bought two cakes 😍

Thank you Carole. This comes up on my iPad as literally huge. I don’t understand why? I used the smallest board I have- post card sized!

Oh what fun, Tessa, and definitely edible!

Hang on Studio Wall
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A little oil (7x5”) on board of the final slice of a very yummy Christmas cake before it disappears!

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