Very nice Tessa, a bit spooky, shades of dark doings. Reminds me of some of the fantasy books I like reading, elves, magic etc. Great work.

Interesting … look forward to seeing more!

This has a menacing look, Tessa. Wouldn't want to meet this one in a dark place...or a light one come to think of it.

Ooo er, what have I done!? Thank you very much Dixie, Heather and Carol for your interesting comments. I do feel I sometimes want to try something different and get away from the attractive. Not sure what’s next!

This has such power and expression Tessa. Love your strong brushstrokes. Wouldn’t like to meet him in the dark mind but that’s probably silly, as people who are unwilling to reveal all of themselves are unfairly judged as being “dodgy”.

Thanks Carole. It’s interesting how we judge people isn’t it? It could just be chilly out there, but who knows!

He looks suitably sinister. I can see him as an inspiration for some dark tale.

I like this Tessa. First impression could be of menace but looking a little deeper it could be a monk at prayer.

Thank you Sandra and Fiona. The comments on this have been fascinating. So interesting what we see and think!

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas board 8x10”. This follows a mix of sketches and photos of headgear , some of which cover most of the face, which I found fascinating. Less is more!

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I have returned to painting over the last few years having relocated from Cardiff to the Cotswolds in 2009 and joined the Guiting Power Art Group. Although I did a year's Foundation Course at art college after leaving school, I hadn’t painted much in the interim, except for a few attempts here and…

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