Living with Modigliani!


Always enjoy your art Susan and this painting is so full of colour, energy and interest.

A joy to look at Susan. You've certainly captured the Modigliani look.

I think it works very well, so many congrats.

Susan its not advice you need. Its praise. Well done.

Thank you Carole, Lewis, Heather and Steve for your lovely, positive comments. I really wasn't sure about this painting so I really appreciate your encouragement.

It works really well.

Hang on Studio Wall

A total mixture of impressionism, fauvism and my imagination. I'm not sure if it works, but I really enjoyed doing it. All advice gratefully received.

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Susan Fisher

I've always loved and admired art in its many forms purely as an observer. The last time I had an art class was during my formative school years. Suffice to say I'd never actually studied it. However all that changed in July 2017 when I plucked up the courage and joined an acrylic art class. Well, I…

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