My regal ancestor, from a few millenniums earlier !


It is very good, well done.

Well done Sunil

Some wonderful textures Sunil and colour.

Thank you Denise, Heather, Carole and Romila for your comments. Always gives me more confidence when I read such wonderful words. Many thanks.

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I saw a beautiful photograph of an alpha male orangutan. The hair and the beard struck me as being a definitive part of the beast's character. Had a really regal look befitting of an alpha male of his tribe. It took me some time to think of how to paint him. The only thing I have changed is the angle of the eyes which are now looking straight, not downwards as in the original. I hope i did justice to him !

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I paint landscapes and abstracts in acrylics, oils and water colours. My favourite style is impasto as it creates beautiful imagery and depth exploiting the richness of the paints thereby producing a pleasing tactile surface. Landscapes convey peace, tranquility and considerable warmth. I often use…

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