Cheshire plain

Cheshire plain

Nooo idea but maybe you should play around more because this is a good one.

Because you worry about them, and worry at them, much less I think. This isn't the sort of painting you can really do if you sit down and plan out every item in it, carefully draw it, and then nervously colour it all in, and is all the better for it.

Thanks for comments. I aim to play more!

Posted by Sue Mann on Wed 11 Feb 15:21:56
Hang on Studio Wall

Done very quickly at my local art group, Woodsmoor Artists. Why do the ones that are just playing come out better than the ones when you are really trying?

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Returned to art in 2012 having done virtually none since school. Started with watercolour but added oils & now enjoy both. Always enjoyed arts & crafts but had concentrated mainly on the crafts. The art was always part of the textiles - painting with yarn - felting, knitting, weaving etc.

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