Rainy city

Rainy city

No its not great - its just excellent. The touches of the nearest mans jacket lifting in the wind along with the brolly plus the guy in front battling against the wind are really good. Wish I had done it.

It's a really good composition with all the emphasis on the figures, which are excellent. A really good sense of stormy conditions, well painted.

Not much night but excellent figures and atmosphere, looks more like wind than rain too. Smashing piece

Thank you for your kind comments. I've done a reappraisal & made a couple of minor changes. Debating whether to put up the amended pic.

Posted by Sue Mann on Sun 08 Nov 14:20:15

I'm not sure if this is the amended piece or not but I like it just as it is, the figures are brilliant, love the one in front determined to get through the rain. I also really like the green traffic light.

Fantastic figures.

Hang on Studio Wall

First attempt at a night scene & not very confident with figures, or cars, so this was a bit of a leap. It's not great but a lot better than I could have dared hope! 12x16"

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