Piccadilly Gardens

Piccadilly Gardens

Yes it is well done Sue, the colours balance out the brightness of the girls coat better now!

Thanks Ros. Any comments on the water? I have tried to give it more 'body' but not sure if it works :)

Posted by Sue Mann on Thu 30 May 21:36:15

The water on the ground works well helped by her reflection in it, the fountains are just one to practise and practise and look at online tutorials and books!

You've chosen a difficult subject Sue. Have you tried out masking fluid or making the edges of the water more defined with a darker background (the background looks a bit shakey at the moment) Perhaps some darker negative painting within the water? To be honest, I'm not sure, but I'd probably try it, or if you don't want to spoil the painting have another go!

Waterfalls can be tricky to paint, keeping the area a little tilted, wet and then dropping in the colours in varied blues, greys with a little brown should help. I have even added a little white gouache whilst the paint is still damp in vertical lines but not to much though. I personally would change this though, you certainly don't want to spoil a lovely painting. :-)

Thank you all for your kind & helpful comments :)

Posted by Sue Mann on Fri 31 May 21:51:16
Hang on Studio Wall

I've done some more work on this one. I'd appreciate feedback. Ros, is this any better?

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