After Seago

After Seago

Lovely subtle use of colours! Well done!

I think you have got a bit of the feeling of Seago's work here Richard, look forward to seeing more of your work.

I can see the Seago influence, more in the tall trees than in anything else - but you don't claim to be channeling him, after all, so that's really all you need. I can also see Martin Kinnear's influence in the luminous oil colour mixes. You've got a Seago gate, as well - so many of his paintings had a gate. I like the simplicity of the composition; had a minor row with a painter elsewhere over a Cézanne - the painting was Melted Snow at Fontainebleau. Cézanne's photograph of the scene still exists, and the painting is a considerable simplification of it - I felt that was an entirely good thing: the other painter didn't (I think he hated it). You have followed the Cézanne approach of cutting out all extraneous and confusing detail, which I think is the soundest approach.

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Revisit of a subject from an NPS oil painting course

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Trained as a Surveyor so cursed with a background in technical drawing, something that I have striven to overcome with varying degrees of success. Attended drawing classes at an Art College and continued drawing for years before going on to watercolour and now oils. Favourite subjects are boats, theā€¦

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