A sunny day.

A sunny day.

Many thanks Dennis..

You have done well Stephen, as it’s not an easy task. I remember Steve Hall saying that a tarmac road can range from the white of the paper to almost black depending on the light a thought I often return to during my painting sessions.

Many thanks Barry, my favourite artists are those who paint loosely and with a good range of tones in their work, as you say, it looks easy but it ain't!

That’s worked out beautifully Stephen. Painting loosely to me is getting your tones right and not being afraid of good strong darks this is the reason so many watercolours look washed out as they lack punch. You’ve being very clever and put the colour on boldly and with confidence, if I can give one suggestion touch the top of the heads and shoulders on the figures with white gouache and it makes them pop and is a great final touch .....great stuff

Many thanks Dermot and thanks for that tip!

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick imaginary watercolour, trying to get the strong tones of a sunny day.

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Stephen Slater

I am a self taught amateur painter, I mostly paint landscapes in watercolour but I 'dabble' in other mediums from time to time. I really enjoy my art, especially painting outdoors when the weather allows.

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