White Rabbit, Llandudno.

White Rabbit, Llandudno.

Has he been stood there long Stephen, he looks a bit grumpy. Great figures as always, lovely little sketch.

Yes,he does look a bit miffed doesn't he! Never drawn a rabbit before, never mind a stone one.

He looks a very intellectual rabbit Stephen. What is the significance of that statue - anything to do with Alice in Wonderland?

Ps. So taken with the bunny Stephen, forgot to say that I like the building and figures in the background.

Thanks for your comment Adele, I looked it up on the Internet and Alice Lidell ( the real Alice) used to come on holiday to Llandudno with her family). There is no evidence that Lewiis Carroll came to Llandudno but that Alice talked to him about holidays there and perhaps it sparked his ideas of Alice in Wonderland. There are a number of statues around the town of characters from the book. I suppose it encouraged others to come on holiday there.

Knew there had to be a valid reason Stephen. Thanks for that.

Lovely sketch Stephen. He does look grumpy but cute too.

Many thanks Henry, I suppose he should look a little grumpy as he is always late!

Hang on Studio Wall

Quick sketch, whilst wandering around Llandudno.

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