French Window

French Window

What a fantastic thing to can you top that! You must be really chuffed. Do you get the true colours when the sun shines through it?

Yes you do. Must get round to erecting it again in a new location.

Hang on Studio Wall

Coloured Glass and Lead in traditional stained glass method, set in Magnet pre-made wooden French window frames. 8ft x 6ft 6 in. 16 panels in all. This is the result of a 3 year project at an evening class in Bristol. I first bought the frame, and then designed it full size to fit the frame and traced off a cutting plan. I then set about cutting the pieces to shape - first scoring the class and then tapping the crack to the desired shape. I soon learnt how to curse and swear, without reservation as the process frequently went wrong. This was a skill I learnt from other members of the class and helped me relieve a lot of tension that had built up throughout the week at work.. So that I could complete the project in the summer, as a wall had to be demolished and an RSJ installed, my tutor helped me out with the final panels. Years after I left the house in, the subsequent owner returned the windows to me and they are now unseen, stacked up against the side of my house, waiting for a new home. Due to popular demand (2 viewers I am now posting it.) It is a pity the colours of the best panels in the bottom left hand corner do not show up very well - they depict a red acer and a green yucca. If we have a fine day I might get the drawing out and photo that for stained glass enthusiasts.

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Since retiring from a career in education and training management, I returned to art after a gap of 40 years. Now I travel was much as I can with my husband and take an enormous amount of photographs, some of which I use as reference photos. Meanwhile, I take a weekly course in portraiture and…

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